Root Canal Re-treatment

A tooth that has received root canal treatment may fail to heal or continue to cause pain. The pain may come months or years after a treatment.

Commonly improper healing of a tooth after root canal treatment is due to the following:

  • During the initial procedure the narrow or curved canals were not treated;
  • During the first procedure the complicated canal anatomy went undetected;
  • Following the endodontic treatment, the placement of the crown or other restoration was delayed; and
  • Following the tooth restoration salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth was not prevented.

In other cases, when a tooth was successfully treated, new problems may arise making re-treatment necessary:

  • A new tooth decay exposed the root canal filling material to bacteria, causing a new infection in the tooth.
  • A loose, cracked or broken crown or filling exposed the tooth to new infection; and
  • A tooth sustained fracture.

When retreatment becomes necessary, patients must revisit their dentists to have a new restoration or crown placed on the damaged tooth in order to restore tooth’s full functionality.